Как подключить наушники xbox 360

Как подключить наушники xbox 360

07/01/ · Современные модели популярной консоли Xbox позволяют геймерам наслаждаться высочайшим качеством игровой графики и геймплея.3/5(2). Самый простой способ установки драйверов программного обеспечения беспроводной гарнитуры Xbox (с функцией Bluetooth) — это подключение к Xbox Live. Игровой манипулятор консоли Microsoft в нижней части своего корпуса имеет специальный разъём, предназначенный для подключения наушников. Беспроводные наушники Xbox Беспроводная гарнитура Bluetooth Xbox Этот список можно существенно пополнит за счет других моделей, которых на . Доброго времени суток. Имеется сам Xbox и 27 дюймовый монитор ASUS со встроенными колонками к которому подключен Xbox через HDMI кабель.

Use the headset to chat on Xbox Live, or switch to Bluetooth mode and use the headset with a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a mobile phone or PC. If your console is connected to Xbox Live, skip to step 2. For the steps on how to do this, see How to get a new Xbox update. The lights on the headset flash green while charging in Xbox mode, and flash blue while charging in Bluetooth mode.

Once charging is complete, the light will stop flashing. Some limited edition versions of the headset include a charging cradle. When the headset is in the charging cradle, the light on the cradle flashes during charging and stops flashing once the charging is complete.

Компонентный кабель

The easiest way to connect your headset to your console by charging the headset, shown in step 2. The lights flash green three times once your headset is connected to your console.

Как подключить наушники xbox 360

Your headset will now automatically connect to your console whenever you turn on your headset in Xbox mode. If this happens, repeat steps 4 and 5. The headset can take up to 10 seconds to connect to your console. Each connected controller is assigned to one of four positions, and each controller can have an associated headset.

Как подключить наушники xbox 360

If a controller is assigned to position 1, then the wireless headset is also assigned to position 1. If another headset is already assigned to position 1, your headset is assigned to position 2. For example, to change a headset assigned to position 1 to position 3, press the connect or power button twice.

Как подключить наушники к xbox one

Before you use your wireless headset, you may need to swap out the ear gel for another size. For the best microphone performance, make sure the headset points towards your mouth and is positioned as shown. The wireless headset works within 30 feet 9 meters of the console. Objects between the controller and the console can reduce this range.

Как подключить любые наушники к xbox 360

Leave the headset connected for a while to see if the battery charges normally. If the lights on the headset continue to flash, contact Xbox Support using the Assistance information at the bottom of this page. To end a call: Press and release the Action button. If you get an incoming call during a call: Press the Action button to answer the incoming call and put the first call on hold.

This feature must be supported by your Bluetooth device and mobile carrier. Note The mute button on the wireless headset only works in Xbox mode. You can switch the operating modes on your headset at any time. If you have a Bluetooth device that supports calling, you can switch from Xbox to Bluetooth mode to answer an incoming call on your headset provided you have previously set up the Bluetooth device with your headset. If you switch from Bluetooth back to Xbox mode, your headset uses the same settings you had when you last used Xbox mode.

Mobile device connectivity problems vary by manufacturer. For help connecting your headset to a Windows Phone, see Pair my phone with a Bluetooth accessory.

The headset stores pairing information for the last eight Bluetooth devices to which it was connected. If you want to clear the list, follow these steps:. Watch the video How to set up the wireless headset with Bluetooth. Note This video is available in English only. Watch the video Using your headset with other Bluetooth devices. Watch the video Clearing the headset of all Bluetooth devices. Watch the video Muting your wireless headset in Xbox mode.

Настройка и использование

Watch the video Assigning the wireless headset to another controller. Would you like to contact Support regarding the "Set up and use the Wireless Bluetooth Headset with an Xbox console" issue you were reading about or a different issue? Skip to main content. Xbox Support Xbox One. Xbox Xbox on Windows My account. Set up and use the Wireless Bluetooth Headset with an Xbox console.

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  • Headset comes with a convenient micro USB charging cable, three sizes of ear gels, and an ear loop Features up to eight hours of talk time Allows easy switching from Xbox to Bluetooth mode to answer calls Notes Bluetooth mode is only for operation with Bluetooth devices. Learn how to connect the wireless headset to a Bluetooth device. Step 1: Install the wireless headset software. Step 2: Charge your headset.

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    Step 3: Connect your wireless headset to your console. Step 4: Put on your headset. Using your headset. Low battery indicators and battery life. Video tutorials. Before you can set up your headset, you may need to charge it. There are two USB ports on the front of your console behind an oval door. This is the smaller connector.

    Turn on your console.

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    The headset charges in either Bluetooth or Xbox mode. Another way is to wirelessly connect your headset to your console: Turn on your console. Move the mode switch to Xbox Green on your wireless headset.

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    Press the power button on the headset for two seconds. The lights will flash green. Within 20 seconds of pressing the connect button, press and release connect button on your console.

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  • Notes You can connect up to four wireless headsets to a console at one time. Make sure there is an available unlit section on the ring of light, before you connect your wireless headset. If you want to connect multiple controllers and wireless headsets, connect a wireless headset first, then the corresponding controller.

    To use a wireless headset instead, unplug the wired headset and then repeat the wireless connection steps in Step 3: Connect your wireless headset to your console.

    A controller is not required for the headset to work with the console. Your headset can connect wirelessly to only one console at a time. You can connect to a new console at any time, but your previous connection will be lost.

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    Insert an ear gel Remove the included ear gel by gently pulling it off the speaker. Select an ear gel, center it over the speaker, and then gently push the gel until it snaps into place.

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    The surface of the speaker is slightly recessed below the lip of the ear gel. Put on your headset Press the power button on the headset for 2 seconds to turn it on. Hold the headset in one hand with the speaker facing you. With your other hand, hold the ear loop and snap the loop into place at the base of the speaker. The ear loop is reversible, so you can wear the headset on your left or right ear.

    Fit the headset over either ear so that the ear loop hooks over your ear and the ear gel rests comfortably in your ear. The ear gel is designed to sit outside the ear canal. Once the headset is comfortably on, adjust the volume, and start using your headset.

    Press the power button on the headset.

    Setup and use

    When you are done using the headset, press and hold the power button to turn it off. To adjust the volume, press the Volume Up or Volume Down button. Press the Mute button to toggle mute on and off. You can only mute your headset in Xbox mode. Clean your headset with a dry cloth. Cleaning solutions may damage the headset. To answer an incoming call: Press and release the Action button. If the headset is in Xbox mode, switching to Bluetooth mode automatically answers the incoming call without you pressing the Action button.

    If the headset is turned off, turning it on will automatically answer an incoming call without you pressing the Action button. To reject an incoming call: Press and hold the Action button for two seconds. While a call is on hold: Press and release the Action button to hang up the active call. Press and hold the Action button for two seconds to swap calls. To make a call: Turn on your wireless headset. If your headset is connected to a Bluetooth device and not already in a call , press and hold the Action button for two seconds.

    Use Bluetooth voice commands to make your call. For information about Bluetooth voice commands, refer to your Bluetooth device instructions for example, your phone documentation.