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An example of the direct output from the FSAC is shown in the graph to the right. Intuitive, easy-to-reach controls on the outside of the enclosure allow the user to optimize the resolution and fringe contrast.

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  • Detailed usage recommendations and examples are available in the manual. To align, simply insert the FSAC into the beam path and rotate until the beam is centered on the target. A flip mount may be used to pick off the beam for regular diagnostics.

    Two slots in the enclosure allow the autocorrelator to be locked down with the two included CL5 Table Clamps. Recommended posts are given in the Specs tab.

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    It is important to note that the pulse width measured by the unit is obtained immediately before the photodiode. Two UMAG silver mirrors were used to route the beam but did not contribute to the dispersion precompensation.

    Simulated results from the setup described above are shown to the lower right.

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    Used as a reference, the blue curve shows the calculated, ideal autocorrelation result for a 15 fs, unchirped, sech 2 -shaped, Fourier-transform-limited pulse. The red curve simulates the measurement results for a 15 fs pulse whose dispersion was not precompensated, and the green curve models the measurement results for a precompensated 15 fs pulse. Comparing the unchirped and precompensated pulse results demonstrates this precompensation setup achieves the desired effect of mitigating dispersion.

    The download button below links to sample scripts that convert the interferometric autocorrelation from the FSAC into an intensity autocorrelation.

    Autocorrelator for Femtosecond Lasers

    Details are in Section 5. Close [X]. Related Items Chirped Mirrors. Femtosecond Pulse Compressor.

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    Optical Delay Line Kits. Tunable fs Ti:Sapphire Laser. Low GDD Mirrors for nm.

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  • Ultrafast-Enhanced Silver Mirrors. Periscope Assembly. Dispersion-Compensating Prism Pairs.

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    Laser Viewing Cards. Magic Angle Blocks. Ultrafast Beamsplitters. Ultrafast Mirrors. Please Wait. Click to Enlarge Front View The front is labeled with the design input beam parameters. Click to Enlarge Back View The back has controls for the scan range, photodiode gain, and photodiode position, as well as the three BNC outputs see the Pin Diagrams tab.

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    Recommended Posts for Common Beam Heights a 4. The graph to the right shows the results of a theoretical calculation of the effect of this setup on the autocorrelation measurement of a 15 fs pulse.

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  • Contact Me:. Prefer to Request a Quote? Request Quote. Enter Comments Below:. Submit Feedback:. What will be the price of FSAC when you arrange the scan range between 10fs-1ps?

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    Thank you for contacting Thorlabs. The minimum scan range is not a limit on the minimum measurable pulse duration, so the 50 fs scan range will provide plenty of resolution for short pulses like 10 fs.

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    We have reached out to you directly for further discussion. Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. I will reach out to you directly about the details of your source and our custom capabilities. Additional Femtosecond Lasers. Products Home. Rapid Order.

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